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Youth Mattering

Youth’s perception they are respected, trusted, supported, valued by others, and able to make a difference in their community.

Goals for Projects

We are looking to support projects that address two or more of the following goals:

  • Safety. Youth want to live in a safer community, not just for physical safety but also to be empowered to be themselves.
  • Support, Respect, and Fairness. Youth want to be treated fairly and with respect by adults. Having friendly, supportive, and positive relationships with adults provides the right role models to empower youth.
  • Make a Difference. Youth want to be engaged and make a difference. This may be through providing meaningful opportunities and service-based activities. Meaningful engagement also includes youth involved in decision-making, leadership, and implementing a project.

Youth Matter Grant – Application

Thank you for applying for an AYDC Youth Matter Grant. Please fill out and submit the following Application form. You may be able to save and continue at a later date if needed. The Youth Matter Grant Guide and Program Features are included on the left had column, as well as the goals for projects.

If you have any questions while working on your application, you may email or call Lindsey at, or 907-562-4184.

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