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Anchorage Youth Development Coalition

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AYDC Projects

Youth Matter Grants

Youth Matter Grants

AYDC has awarded $53,000 to youth-serving organizations to support 13 projects. Projects are aimed to promote youth mattering to the community.

Youth mattering is Youth’s perception they are respected, trusted, supported, valued by others, and able to make a difference in their community. Each project has the goal of improving safety, making a difference, and building supportive adult relationships.

Anchorage Collaborative Coalitions

Anchorage Collaborative Coalitions

AYDC has joined forces with the Spirit of Youth and Healthy Voices Healthy Choices coalitions to improve mental health for youth 12-18 years old and young adults 18 to 24 years old.

Currently, we are working together to reduce bullying among youth and young adults by building awareness, working toward policy change, and taking a strength-based approach to promote positive mental health.

90 Percent by 2020

90% by 2020

Many factors that determine whether or not a student stays on track and succeeds in school are outside the classroom. 90% by 2020 is committed to leading community-wide change to ensure that Anchorage children enter school ready to learn, stay on track, and graduate ready for work and life. In partnership with United Way and 90% by 2020, AYDC provides training and technical support to the Graduation Youth Task Force and partner organizations to work toward that goal.

Second Order Change

AYDC collaboratively developed a leadership development series and a professional learning community to emphasize adult social and emotional competencies, which also transform organizational culture.

Focusing on youth environments, relationships and experiences within programs increases youth’s short- and long-term outcomes—from health, to civic engagement, to economic self-sufficiency.

“I have seen a difference for myself and my kids for the positive.”

Youth Program Quality

AYDC’s Youth Program Quality initiative engages youth programs in continuous quality improvement to support positive developmental experiences and better outcomes for youth.

In this “professional learning community,” individuals become change agents in developing strong lines of communication, capacity around data, and a continuous improvement feedback loop in a low-stakes accountability environment.

Youth Risk Behavior Survey Analysis

Funded by AYDC, in partnership with United Way of Anchorage, this study assesses the trend of selected risk behaviors and protective factors among Anchorage high school students from 2003 to 2013.

The reports are available for download at

¿Que Pasa? Anchorage

¿Que Pasa? Anchorage is a place for teens to find events and opportunities in Anchorage. Follow us on Facebook to receive daily updates on scholarships, volunteer opportunities, job opportunities, art shows, clubs and many more events happening in Anchorage.

Anchorage Youth Central

Anchorage Youth Central provides young people, school counselors, and parents with information about services and opportunities offered specifically to Anchorage youth.

Full Coalition Gatherings

AYDC convenes monthly coalition meetings to provide networking and collaboration among coalition members. We meet the second Monday of each month from 3-4:30pm.

We feature a variety of programs and organizations that are dedicated to positive youth development, highlight a best practice, are interactive, and provide a clear takeaway for attendees.