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AYDC Projects

Start the Conversation

Start the Conversation

Start the Conversation is an evidence-based project that promotes the importance of having frequent family meals together as a protective factor to help reduce youth substance use and increase academic success.

Over 5,000 kits have been distributed to the families of middle school students in Anchorage.  Evaluations demonstrate a statistically significant increase in the number of meals that families have together after receiving the kits.

Anchorage Collaborative Coalitions

Anchorage Collaborative Coalitions

With a grant from the Division of Behavioral Health, AYDC has joined forces with two other coalitions (Spirit of Youth and Healthy Voices, Healthy Choices) to assess the behavioral health needs of Anchorage’s youth.

Currently, we are conducting a comprehensive joint assessment in Anchorage of all three behavioral health conditions (drugs and alcohol, suicide, and mental health) for youth ages 9 to 24.

90 Percent by 2020

90% by 2020

About 80% of the factors that determine whether or not a student stays on track and succeeds in school are outside the classroom. 90% by 2020 is committed to leading community-wide change to ensure that Anchorage children enter school ready to learn, stay on track and graduate ready for work and life. In partnership with United Way and 90% by 2020, AYDC facilitates Community discussions and Youth Engagement, supports the development of shared measures, is involved in the Community Will Building Committee, and serves on the Leadership Team.

Be You Campaign

Be [You] is a statewide media campaign that seeks to prevent and reduce underage drinking among youth by challenging the misconception that most teens drink alcohol. People often overestimate the prevalence of risky behaviors among their peers. Research shows that misconceptions like these can actually increase unhealthy behaviors. AYDC, in partnership with the Alaska Wellness Coalition, and the Student Advisory Board, is helping to coordinate this campaign in the Anchorage School district, and with our partners.

Anchorage Youth Central

Anchorage Youth Central provides young people, school counselors, and parents with information about services and opportunities offered specifically to Anchorage youth.

¿Que Pasa? Anchorage

¿Que Pasa? Anchorage is a place for teens to find events and opportunities in Anchorage. Follow us on Facebook to receive daily updates on scholarships, volunteer opportunities, job opportunities, art shows, clubs and many more events happening in Anchorage.

Youth Risk Behavior Survey Analysis

Funded by AYDC, in partnership with United Way of Anchorage, this study assesses the trend of selected risk behaviors and protective factors among Anchorage high school students from 2003 to 2013.

The reports are available for download at

Come to the Table Survey

The AYDC Come to the Table Survey consists of one survey for direct service providers and the other for Executive Directors of youth serving organizations.  Questions are asked regarding AYDC Services and projects, Training and Professional Development, Advocacy and issues facing youth serving agencies in Anchorage.

Lovalaska Youth

Facilitated by AYDC, Lovalaska Youth is a partnership of over 37 agencies based in Anchorage encouraging the local community to give to youth serving organizations through Pick. Click. Give. and donating a portion of their PFD.