Self Advocacy Class
02:00 to 04:00
From 12-06-17 to 21-06-17

Self- Advocacy Training

A 7 class course in empowering yourself to represent your views and interest.
Weekly courses on Mondays & Wednesdays
beginning May 31st for youth and young adults

May 31st: Development of Personal Values Statement
June 5th Development of personal goals
June 7th: Communication Skills
June 12th: Understanding Self-Advocacy
June 14th: Understanding Rights and Responsibilities
June 19th: Experiencing Self-Advocacy
June 21st: Resources for Parents

To register, contact
Lindsay Davison, Independent Living Advocate,
907-263-1903 or email at Ldavison@accessalaska.org
Anders Harstad-Bell, Independent Living Supervisor
907-263-1969 or email at aharstadbell@accessalaska.org

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