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Anchorage Youth Development Coalition

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Invest in Anchorage’s Future

AYDC works to create a community around professional youth work where all of Anchorage’s youth can thrive. As a coalition, we coordinate efforts and provide resources, networking and training for Anchorage’s youth-serving organizations. Together, we work to ensure that Anchorage youth are valued, involved, and thriving members of our community.

We are able to do this because of organizations and individuals like you. All youth-serving organizations are welcome to join AYDC programs and gatherings, but by making a financial contribution you are making a collective investment in Anchorage’s youth.

By becoming a contributing member of AYDC you directly support the services provided to Anchorage’s youth-serving community. Our youth are our future, and your contribution is an important investment in that future.

Our Youth Are Our Future.

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