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Youth are valued members of our community

AYDC ensures that all Anchorage youth thrive

We provide resources, networking and training

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Apply for 2018-2019 Second Order Change

Second Order Change is a leadership development series and a professional learning community. It supports staff at all levels in youth serving organizations to build social and emotional intelligence, transforming individuals and organizations. Be part of a growing network of Anchorage youth organization professionals working to provide environments, relationships, and experiences that help youth thrive now and in the future.

Apply for 2018-2019 Youth Program Quality Initiative

Engage your youth program in continuous improvement to support positive development experiences and better outcomes for youth. Become part of this professional learning community where each individual is engaged as a change agent in developing strong lines of communication, capacity around data, and a continuous improvement feedback loop in a low-stakes accountability environment.

AYDC Events

  • The AYDC Full Coalition meets on the Second Monday of each month at 3:00-4:30pm.
  • The AYDC Leadership Team meets on the Last Wednesday of each month at 9:00-10:30am.

For a full list and details for AYDC events, visit our events page:

Our Vision

All of Anchorage’s youth thrive.

Our Mission

The Anchorage Youth Development Coalition promotes and integrates strength based strategies through advocacy, resources, networking, and training to ensure that all Anchorage youth thrive.

Our Purpose

Advance positive youth development.